Who are we?
We are a company that provides quality services in the construction industry.
Since 2006, the year our company was established, we have conducted over 3,000 projects covering almost the entire spectrum of constructions.
We have an extensive experience in design, authorization, execution and supervision activities.
Services we provide
The main services we provide are:
–    construction design and authorization;
–    site supervision;
–    technical appraisal of construction projects;
–    technical inspection of projects;
–    residential investments;
–    technical and legislative consulting services in the construction field.
The types of constructions that we offer for the above services are:
–    civil, industrial and agricultural buildings: residences, offices, public buildings –  administrative buildings, storage or manufacturing units, etc.;
–    roads-streets, bridges, exterior fittings, slope consolidation-support works;
–    water systems, sewer systems, treatment plants, etc.;
–    special constructions such as diaphragm walls, waterworks.
Our team includes:
–    planners and architects;
–    structure design engineers;
–    design engineers for plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire, electrical systems;
–    design engineers for roads-streets, bridges, vertical systematizations, aviation runways, platforms, tunnels, cable transport;
–    site supervisors for civil, industrial, agricultural buildings and roads, bridges, aviation runways, platforms, tunnels, cable transport.

Email: contact@idealproiect.com
Web: www.idealproiect.com  references: www.idealproiect.ro
Fax: + 40 31 438 20 72
Telephone: + 40 764 701 500 + 40 764 764 20 55 01
Address: Tunari, Ilfov county