Ideal Proiect

Welcome to Ideal Proiect Architecture & Engineering, a Romanian company built like a family where both employees and partners, as well as clients, are our friends. Here, we don’t just limit ourselves to drawing lines according to the clients’ wishes in line with existing technical standards; we engage through our experience to shape successful businesses.

The company was founded by two engineering specialists in the construction field, and since 2006, the company has been providing comprehensive services in the construction sector, serving clients throughout Romania. We cover various areas including civil construction (residences, commercial spaces, restaurants, hotels and guesthouses, public buildings, administrative buildings, healthcare facilities, sports facilities, etc.), industrial projects (production spaces, storage facilities), agricultural projects (silos, animal shelters), roads and bridges, utility constructions (water networks, sewerage networks, drinking water treatment plants, domestic wastewater treatment plants), hydrotechnical projects (water reservoirs), and other types of engineering constructions (retaining walls).

Our integrated team of specialists, covering a wide range of fields, can provide assistance in all stages of construction, starting from concept establishment, investment planning, design, approval and authorization, design verification, construction supervision, acceptance, expertise, and ongoing monitoring.

We develop our own residential projects as well as projects for partners, crafting businesses that revolve around construction. We have undertaken our own investments, providing homes for over 300 families. Alongside our partners, we have conceived residential developments in the North area of Bucharest, totaling over 2,000 residences, with an investment value exceeding 200 million euros.

Over the course of these years, we’ve been involved in around 10,000 projects, contributing to constructions with a combined value of over 1 billion euros.

We possess a comprehensive team of architects and engineers, built as a multidisciplinary unit. Our team includes design specialists, site managers, technical execution supervisors, project verifiers, and technical experts.